Turnout Gear Reinforcements

Stedfast has developed highly technical turnout gear reinforcements products for all gear related to NFPA 1971 standard. Our durable products are engineered to meet the high performance requirements of the standard and bring value to the overall products that are offered to the Fire Service all over the world.


STEDPRENE® FR is highly engineered reinforcement fabric that can be used in various parts of a turnout coat. It is a neoprene (synthetic rubber) coated FR cotton and is NFPA 1971 (2013 ed.) compliant. It is used as reinforcement for cuffs, collars and trim. NFPA 1971 - 2013 compliant.


STEDSHIELD® FR is a CSM (formerly know as Hypalon) coated Kevlar that is used for knee and general reinforcements for turnout gear. Stedfast has spent 2 years developing our new formula, STEDSHIELD® FR, which gives longer durability in the field and provides a much softer hand. STEDSHIELD® FR is available in Black, Grey and Gold. NFPA 1971-2013 compliant.



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